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Finding Pi 2012-09-24

For experimenting with convergence algorithms, I recently developed a RealNumber class in C++ for handling arbitrary precision arithmetic. Collaborators welcome! View on GitHub

Chrome overtakes IE 2012-09-23

Google Chrome continues to take market share from IE and is now (as of around May) according to StatCounter the world's most popular browser.

Android: OnClickListener for RadioGroup 2011-02-09

This tutorial shows first how to create a RadioGroup listener and, second, how to identify specific buttons when you can't access them through a resource id. More

Java graph library 2011-02-06

Java implementation of the graph datastructures presented in Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein, Introduction to Algorithms. More

Android: Creating a custom view 2011-02-05

The technique I present here allows you to create a custom view entirely in Java, then embed the view into an XML layout. More