There are several excellent password utilities in circulation (LastPass, DashLane, etc.) that normally fully automate password creation and use. But I occasionally run into situations where the automation doesn't work properly or a password with special characteristics is required. This utility is designed for such situations. It doesn't save anything, so you need to save the generated password somewhere. It simply creates random passwords meeting any reasonable set of requirements I've seen or could think of and provides a user-friendly interface for entering password specifications.

Required Allowed Excluded Character group
Lowercase letters (a-z)
Uppercase letters (A-Z)
Decimal digits (0-9)
ASCII special characters (!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~)

Other allowed characters:

Other allowed characters (overrides above exclusions):

Other required characters:

Other required character groups, separated by whitespace (overrides above exclusions):
Password length:
Password: password